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Life for Granted

Posted on: December 5, 2009

Blind Side

Many of us have been to the theater recently to the new movie “Blind Side,” starring Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock. For those of you that haven’t seen the film, it is about a homeless inner-city student, Michael Oher, who comes from poverty but uses football and support from those that love him in order to have the lifetime opportunity of hearing his name called for the NFL draft. The “Blind Side” is currently the number two film in America and is inspiring football players, students and parents everywhere. More important then all the money made at the box office is the message that this film has delivered. So much in life we take for granted and few times do we stop, reflect, and appreciate all that we do have. We have stopped being grateful for what we have and instead we complain about what we don’t have. Another aspect of life that is commonly overlooked is how focused we are on entitlement and self-importance. Often I hear complaints about what I don’t have and what I “should have.” Particularly in the world of sports, athletes complain about a missed shot, a dropped pass or a strikeout. We get caught up in our successes or failures and don’t realize millions of less fortunate kids would give anything to be in our place out there on the field or court. The littlest things in life we take for granted, particularly here at IMG. I am not blaming or calling out anyone, as I struggle with this myself. Here at IMG we as student-athletes have the opportunity to get a quality education in the morning and play the game we love all afternoon. Millions of other athletes do not get this opportunity that we are blessed with. The “Blind Side” is an inspirational movie about a football player who went from “rags to riches,” but the meaning and lessons it conveys goes so much deeper into what life is really about.


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