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Boston Signs Scutaro

Posted on: December 5, 2009

The Boston Red Sox have found another shortstop. On Friday, they signed veteran Marco Scutaro to a 2-year deal, with an option for a third, worth $12.5 million. The deal gives the Red Sox a starting shortstop in Scutaro, and if Jed Lowrie is able to regain his game after wrist surgery, they can use Scutaro as a utility infielder. However, because the deal is for only two years, the Red Sox are paving the way for Cuban phenom Jose Iglesias to inherit the position in 2012. Assuming Scutaro is the starter, he will become the seventh player since 2003 to be the team’s opening day shortstop. If the Red Sox have one weakness as a team, it is the offensive production of their shortstop. Scutaro is just a career .265 hitter and doesn’t figure to put up big power numbers. If he can play solid defense and provide a little production in the lower half of the order, the Red Sox will be happy.


1 Response to "Boston Signs Scutaro"

My first reaction upon learning that Boston signed Marco Scutaro was: “I wish [Scutaro] the best of luck with the Red Sox.” If he DOES improve on his offense and defense in the coming season, heaven knows what’ll happen next. He’s no Derek Jeter, but he’s a good clutch performer from what I’ve read.

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