The Pendleton Panther

Lindsay Lohan Crisis

Posted on: December 3, 2009

Lohan and girlfriend

Lindsay Lohan’s career has been destroyed because of the results of many of her negative actions since past year.  She got into a car crash and was arrested this past weekend and as a result, her career has been jeopardized. She is underage for alcohol use but is already enrolling in a rehab program but she has failed to go to any meetings. AA meetings have failed because she does not seem interested in getting better and does not show up. Also, cocaine was found at the crash scene and was reported that Lohan was charged with driving under the influence. The charges are going to be severe because she has been charged in the past with the same mistakes and also because she ran away from the accident scene. The police however took blood tests at Century City Hospital where they tested that it was Linday Lohan’s blood. These tests evidently prove that Lohan was on drugs and had alcohol at the time of the crash. Lindsay Lohan should try to get better because none of the producers want her anymore since she is not a responsible person and looks terrible in the media. It is a shame to see an amazing and talented actress who filmed many movies fall like this but we hope she will recover.


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