The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: December 2, 2009



The new Chinese cartoon star is called TUZKI.  The tuzki is a popular illustrated rabbit, created by Wang Momo.  Wang momo is a female comic drawer. She graduated from the animation school and communication university of china. The first motivation for her to draw Tuzki was because she wanted to record down her daily life experience.  But as she put up on the blog, more and more people liked the figure she created. Then soon the TUZKI become well know and popular throughout the Internet.  And now the Tuziki is not just a cute drawing, it also teaches the life experience or important quotes. 



TUZKI is a cute rabbit figure. He is a male and he is 1.2 m tall. He is 50% optimistic and 50% melancholic.  He likes everything that is sweet. He does not like alcohol and carrot. When I first saw the TUZKI I was really surprised, because most of time the artist just draws cute things, but does not have any meaning. But TUZKI is difference. It teach us a lot of life experience.


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