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South Korean woman passes driving theory test on the 950th try

Posted on: December 2, 2009

A 68-year-old farmer has become famous after passing the driving theory test on the 950th attempt. After 791 hours of examinations, 949 failures and about 10000 dollars, a South Korean vegetable merchant, Cha Sa-soon has successfully passed her theory test. Cha Sa-soon has struggled to master the rules of the road but that did not stop her from trying, she did not give up and was determined to pass the test. In fact, she wants to pass so much that she has taken the test every day since April 13, 2005 in addition, she attended a few hours of intensive private lessons a day. After 4 years of persistence and determination, Cha Sa-soon’s dream of driving a small truck to take vegetables to the local market has gotten closer; all she has to do now is to pass the practical examination! Not even Tiger Woods has this kind of tenacity! Now let’s hope she will be able to drive on the roads before 2013.


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