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Movie Theaters Ban Outside Food

Posted on: December 2, 2009

AMC theaters

Theater giant AMC Entertainment Inc. has banned outside food and drinks at all of its 304 theater complexes after testing the idea at several locations. If you want to eat or drink during the film, you’ve got to buy your food at the overpriced concession stand inside the theater. Regal Entertainment, the nation’s largest theater chain, also bans outside food. A recent poll taken on this subject showed that 79% of people hate the idea of the new policy. Consuming a medium popcorn and medium soda sold at AMC cinemas is like eating three McDonald’s Quarter-Pounders topped with 12 pats of butter. You are not really paying for the movie when you buy a ticket. A certain percentage goes to the studio, and then we have to pay for the double-high ceilings, the digital equipment,” Screenland theaters owner Butch Rigby told The Star. “Yes, it is more expensive to buy a candy bar in a movie theater, but you are paying for the experience. We do most of our profits, if not all, on concessions. You wouldn’t take an entree into a restaurant.”


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