The Pendleton Panther

Girl finds long lost father…only to find him a transvestite and in the process of becoming a woman

Posted on: December 2, 2009

A British woman, Emily Wallis who has been looking for her biological father for several years now has finally found him, but much to her surprise, her father is a transvestite. Emily’s mother has always described her biological father, Harrison, a manly man who was a professional boxer with tattoos everywhere on his body, so it was strange for Emily Wallis to see her father in the process of transforming himself into a woman. Seeing his father, now named Chloe, for the first time was weird and did not go as expected but she was happy and glad to be reunited. Wallis said, “ he looked glamorous and I was surprised by how feminine he was in a wig and silver dress”. She added that she was proud of Chloe for doing what she wants and will be at her hospital accompanying her full sex change operation. Chloe who never knew about Emily is proud to have her as a daughter and is delighted that she is not rejecting him.


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