The Pendleton Panther

Vick Explains To Students of His Wrongdoings

Posted on: December 1, 2009

Mike Vick

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, while many of us were enjoying our friends and family or sitting at the table enjoying dinner, Michael Vick was out educating young kids about his wrongdoings over the past few years. Vick went back to Newport News, VA, in order to speak to his old middle school about dog fighting. Vick spent two years in federal prison for operating a dog-fighting ring in the back of one of his properties. His message to the young kids consisted of how wrong dog fighting is, while listening to ones mother and teachers and explaining that bad decisions such as this one will cost them in the future. Vick understands that he learned this the hard way as he lost two years of his life, football, his sponsorships and the respect of thousands of fans. Vick urged the students that, “It’s easy to do the wrong thing. It’s hard to do the right thing.” However, we all know, doing the right thing will prepare and enable you to have a brighter and more successful future. Vick is currently playing in the NFL and is playing with the Philadelphia Eagles. He is playing the sport he loves, but his actions cost him big time and it appears as of now, his life or football for that matter, will never be the same.


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