The Pendleton Panther

Pirates Take Over Oil Tanker

Posted on: December 1, 2009

Striking again, the Somali Pirates seized an Oil Tanker on Monday.  According to naval authorities the ship was loaded with about $20 million worth in gallons of oil that was headed from Saudi Arabia to the United States.  European naval reports said that there were nine pirates that did the hijacking and there was a crew of 30 on the tanker.  It was taken over about 800 miles away from shore while heading back to the coast of central Somalia.  The pirate season is back in full swing now that the waters are calm.  Cyrus Mody, the manager of the International Maritime Bureau in London, said “They have definitely increased their capacity and their ability to stay out at sea longer.”  The pirates seem to be positioning themselves in the middle of the ocean on their mother ships, and then sending out motorized dinghies for attacks.  According to the International Maritime Bureau, in the past two months 38 have been attacked and 10 have been hijacked.


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