The Pendleton Panther

Charlie Weis Out at Notre Dame

Posted on: December 1, 2009

Charlie Weis was known for out scheming his opponents in the NFL as offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.   Just five years ago Weis was hired to become the Notre Dame Head football coach. He was brought in to return the Irish back to the way they were back in the glory days. However, after losing his last four games of this season and finishing the season six and six Weis was fired from Notre Dame. Weis still has six years left on is contract. Weis had the same amount of wins and the same winning percentage as the two men before him and both were fired after five seasons at Notre Dame. The Athletic Department has not released names for the next potential Notre Dame Football coach but whoever it is they better be ready for the pressure and all of the criticism that coach’s take at Notre Dame. As for Weis he has not said anything about returning to the NFL or coaching any where period, but if you ask some they will tell you that this is not Charlie Weis’s last stop in coaching.


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