The Pendleton Panther

Swine Flu In Ukraine?

Posted on: November 20, 2009


British scientists studying a strain of swine flu responsible for the outbreak of respiratory diseases in Ukraine are suspicious that it may have mutated. Some of the symptoms, doctors say, are reminiscent of the infamous “Spanish flu” that broke out in Europe after the First World War and took on the most conservative estimates, more than 20 million lives. In particular, the lungs of the victims of the virus are black as coal, said one of the doctors in western Ukraine, describing the manifestations of the virus. “We conducted an autopsy of the two victims and found that their lungs are black as coal. They look as if they were burnt. It’s terrible,” – quoted Ukrainian doctor British edition The Daily Mail.  Chief doctor of the Lviv Emergency Hospital Miron Borisevich identified the diagnosis as viral pneumonia. “We do not believe that this is swine influenza A/H1N1. But we do not know what kind of pneumonia it is” – he added. This is acting at the time the virus “Spanish flu”. As established scientists, it caused an uncontrolled reaction of the immune system, causing the immune cells to attack the organs of the respiratory system. Such a reaction, as shown by experiments on animals, in a few days destroyed their lungs and lead to death. The death total in Ukraine during the flu epidemic is 299 people.


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