The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: November 18, 2009

So we all have had to do a project for a class. In grade school it was the classic solar system project. Back then, you always had help from your mom. But now, being in high school, it always comes down to your partner and yourself. No more solar systems, but long lengthy essays, or standing in front of classmates talking about a topic. You can work hours with a partner on one thing but it always comes down to that moment standing in front of the class presenting. With projects there is always you and your partner. Every now and then you get that one person who does it all or does nothing at all. Just as long as it gets down, with a good grade right?! But after you get that rubric and that good grade, what comes of the project ? Thrown away, in the trash, after those longs hours of working on it. You and your partner move on. So projects come, stress, hours of work and then they go as fast as they came. Pray that you get a good partner. They come and go but you have to work to get something out of it. Or it is pointless.


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