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Kiffin Has 3 Players Arrested

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Three of Lane Kiffins football players were arrested last week.

This past summer, Lane Kiffin was hired as Tennessee’s head football coach. He started off great by bringing in the best recruiting class Tennessee has ever had which included 5 star safety Janzen Jackson and 5 star receiver Nu’Keese Richardson. Both players started all of Tennessee’s games this season and both were improving every week until last week when they made a very poor decision. Along with Mike Edwards and Marie Montmarquet they robbed a couple at a gas station right next to campus at 2 A.M. Police arrested all four players on Monday and all of them have been charged with armed robbery. A trial date has not been set yet. For Kiffin, loosing 3 talented freshmen, Jackson, Richardson, and Edwards is tough because all of them play significant minutes for the team. All three have been dismissed from the team and are waiting for the judge to set a court date. It was also not good when the police found the car that they were in that night, due to a bag of marijuana being found. This will be another charge that they will have to face. This is not the opening season Lane Kiffin was hoping to have.


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