The Pendleton Panther

It’s A Sick World We Live In

Posted on: November 16, 2009


Innocent Young Girl

Shaniya Davis’ body was finally discovered after she was missing for several days. The five-year old girl was found dead on Monday, according to the Fayetteville Police Department. According to reports, nearly “200” people had been searching for the child’s body since she was reported missing. It is still unsure how she died and how she ended up missing but all leads point back to her mother, Antoinette Nicole David. David has been charged with trafficking, child abuse and prostitution. Video surveillance showed the girl with Mario Andrette McNeill shortly before she was reported missing. McNeill has been arrested and charge with first-degree kidnapping. It is sad to learn about some of the sick events that go on in this world and how young, innocent children are exploited. How could anyone prostitute her daughter?  It is disgusting to even think that older men would want anything to do with a five-year-old girl. This is clearly one of those sickening stories that people just shake their head when they read about.




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