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“Georgia Tournament” U-17 Girls soccer

Posted on: November 16, 2009

U-17 girls












This weekend the U-17 girls soccer went to Georgia for a tournament.  They came back yesterday at around elven thirty. They played three games and successfully went through to the finals and lost their game and got second place. Even tough they did not play very well in the CDL tournament, they did extremely well in the tournament overall.

One of my teammates told me that they were supposed to tie against the other team and get extra time but the opposing team had a free quick in the last 2 minute. The girl from the other team passed the ball to one of her teammates who was offside and made a goal. The referee marked the offside, but  then he changed his mind and said that he doen´t want to have extra time so the goal counted.

Can you believe it ? I think thats not fair for the other team, they were supposed to tie and go into extra time. But girls you made your best effort and that is what counts. Congratulations, keep it up.


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