The Pendleton Panther

D.C. Sniper in the Execution Express Lane

Posted on: November 12, 2009

John Allen Muhammad was executed last night via lethal injection.  This man, the infamous D.C. Sniper, killed 10 people in apparently random attacks back in 2002.  Although the average period between sentencing and death is usually about 153 months, Muhammad’s case only took 68.  The Supreme Court of the U.S. denied his requests to hear his case or delay his execution, and therefore placed all responsibility on Virginia’s state Supreme Court.  Virginia’s Supreme Court is known for its speedy ruling, especially on appeals.  The case was out of local courts within a year, something that often takes other states two or more.  The Virginia Supreme Court then heard John Muhammad’s case, deciding once again that he should be put to death.  The execution was then expedited by the U.S. Supreme Court by their denial of appeals, and the whole ordeal was ended on Tuesday night.  John Allen Muhammad has been brought to justice.


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