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Americans Watching TV More Than Ever

Posted on: November 12, 2009


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According to the Nielsen ratings, the 2008-2009 TV season has seen record-breaking numbers of Americans parked in front of the screen. The average person spends about four hours and 49 minutes per day watching TV. This is up four minutes from last year and an increase of 20% from 10 years ago. Also at an all-time high, the average household watches eight hours and 21 minutes a day. Primetime viewing has remained the same as last year, but it is still at its highest peak since 1991. The factors contributing to a country full of mindless zombies include more TV sets in the home along with more channels and content. Not to mention, DVRs have become quite handy. People have spent more time watching tv instead of doing other productive activities. Now that I a part of the academy I never watch tv, there is no time. This isn’t that different from back home, when I would only watch a maximum 30 minutes of T.V.


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