The Pendleton Panther

Job Openings at a Record Low

Posted on: November 11, 2009


No one can afford more employees.

Again this month, unemployment is up and job openings are decreasing immensely.  Businesses are not hiring new employees because of the uncertainty of the economy.  Business owners are expecting their employees to do the extra work rather than hire additional help.  Any job that is available, there is at least six other people hoping for the same position.  One area where employment opportunities are rising is in the sales department.  Right now, the unemployment rate is 10.2 percent, which is the highest it has been in over twenty-five years.  This third quarter, there has been an increase in the economy.  This is one sign that the recession may be at a turn around.  Unfortunately, it is the small business owners that are hit the hardest.  They have a difficult time obtaining loans and cannot afford additional workers.  I think that this turn around is heading in the right direction but will be a slow process with falling rate of Obama’s support.  When people are unsure of the presidents standings, it is difficult for the economy to improve.


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