The Pendleton Panther

“Special” Asian food part 2

Posted on: November 10, 2009



Chinese people eat a lot of different things.  We are willing to try a lot of things.  I am willing to try, but I am scared of some of special Chinese food too! First food that I was shocked when I saw it was the balut egg.  Balut is fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed duck inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. When my dad gave it to me, I almost threw up. The egg smells really bad and the undeveloped baby duck really shocked me.  The second thing is dog and cat. Chinese eat almost every animal. But when it comes to our lovely friends cat and dog, I find that totally shocking. A lot of my father’s friend always convinced me to eat it.  The third thing is Chinese people like to eat snakes a lot. Everything that is in the snake Chinese people can find a way to eat it. The fourth thing Chinese people like to eat are insects. And the more poisonous the insect is the more they like it. The last things that shocked me too were the monkey brains. The tradition of eating monkey brains is because of the Chinese believe that what you eat can help you body. So they think if they eat brain they can be smart. There is still a lot of weird things in china and Taiwan. I think the difference of culture really changes a person’s way of eating.


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