The Pendleton Panther

Fort Hood Disaster

Posted on: November 10, 2009


It was a tragic day for our country.

It was formerly stated that the soldier who was suspected of shooting twelve people and injuring thirty-one was dead.  A civilian officer shot him.  It has been pointed out that, although not dead, the soldier had been shot multiple times at the scene.  The soldier, Hasan, had open fired at a military processing center at Fort Hood.  The base had been under lock down for over five hours.  There had been a graduation ceremony being held not far from the shooting.  Luckily, which the soldiers quick reactions, they were able to close the doors to the auditorium to protect the six hundred people inside.  The Fort Hood shooting is very traumatic.  It is hard to see soldiers who fight for our country die at an American base. The soldier had seemed like a normal person with a clean background.  It is really horrifying story to read about an American solider killing other soldiers.


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