The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: November 6, 2009

overcoming_obstacleBeing faced with competition is hard? It makes us work harder and push ourselves to be on top. But is there a line between good clean competition and under mining the competition? A good example of this is recently I played a soccer team who was very aggressive and harsh. That is good, makes you get hit and eat some grass. Thats fine with me. But once you go into a tackle trying to hurt someone or not really playing soccer. Just going in to hit someone. It is hard to take that but how do you react? Is it superior to not stoop to their level and continue playing or do you let that fire get to you and you put them on the ground? I used to think that get back by scoring a goal or just moving on, but recently saying sorry (even if you are not at fault) does not mean much. It is frustrating to be the person to say sorry and get nothing back.  Competition is hard it makes us work and push ourselves.  It can also push us to show our true colors.


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