The Pendleton Panther

Maine Marriage Laws Repealed

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Maine’s same sex marriage law has been abolished.  The law was repealed on Wednesday by an extremely close 6% margin.  Advocates for gay and lesbian rights, however, are far from giving up.  Betsy Smith, a campaigner for same sex marriages said to a crowd of her supporters “Having the protection of the law, as well as the respect and dignity that comes only with marriage, is a journey on which we will continue.”  The movement, nonetheless, is not without its opponents.  Frank Schubert, part of the 53% of voters that supported the repeal had this to say about the victory: “It has all come together tonight, the institution of marriage has been preserved in Maine and across this nation.”

However, Scott Fish, a spokesman for the repeal insists that his movement has never been anti-gay.  “The campaign was very clear about that,” he told reporters Wednesday. “This was a campaign about protecting traditional marriage.”   Perseverance seems quite present on both sides of the issue, and it’s probable that it will come up again.



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