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The History of the Rubik’s Cube

Posted on: November 3, 2009

rubik's cube

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik’s Cube wasn’t intended to be one of history’s best-selling toys on the market.  Erno Rubik was just fascinated by the idea of creating a cube that allowed each piece to independently move and still stay in one piece.   In 1944 in Budapest, Hungary, Erno Rubik was born.  By 1974 he created the first working prototype of the cube and is considered to be the official birth date of the cube.  In 1975 the toy was patented and was first sold in stores as “The Magic Cube” in 1977.  The toy was a huge hit and in 1980 the name was changed from “The Magic Cube” to “The Rubik’s Cube”.  Two years later in 1982 the first annual International Rubik’s Championships was held in Budapest.  More than 100 million Cubes have been sold today and it was in 1982 that the word “Rubik” was officially added into the Oxford English Dictionary.  Erno Rubik went on to be an architect, designer, and a university professor.


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