The Pendleton Panther

” Special” asian food part 1

Posted on: November 3, 2009


chinese special pork ear!

There is a quote for the Chinese people. The only things that fly in the sky that Chinese do not eat are airplanes. The only things in four legs that Chinese people do not eat are tables. The only things in the ocean that Chinese do not eat are boats. This is a joke for Chinese people. When I was in Taiwan I never thought about how different we are. But since I came to United States I realize how “special” we are. In Taiwan we eat a lot of internal organs like heart, liver, lung, kidney… Anything that is in an animal body will be eaten by Chinese people. I remember a lot of times I would go out with my friends. Me and my other Asian friend would order pig ear and chicken feet. I remember most of my American friends were so shocked. They cannot image how weird we are. But I think this is not the weirdest food. There is a lot of weird food in china and Taiwan.


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