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Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Claims She Could be Dead in a Year

Posted on: November 3, 2009


Slippery Slope...

It seems that Lindsay can’t avoid the press as they are constantly talking about her. On top of that, her dad, Michael, won’t leave her alone either. He recently told Grazia magazine that he worries that Lindsay will be dead within a year. Lindsay has pleaded with her father to stop talking about her to the press. However, the press isn’t interested in her dad if he isn’t talking about his famous daughter. Speaking to Grazia, Michael Lohan said, “She needs long-term rehab. I fear the worst. Look at Elvis, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger. It could be a year, a month, a week – who knows?” He fears that she won’t make it to the age of twenty-five, or maybe even twenty-four. An angered fan of Lindsay said, “Michael Lohan cares more about garnering publicity than he does about the health and well-being of his wayward daughter. He should be working behind the scenes to save his daughter, and not in the glare of the cameras.” Lindsay Lohan has now become a reverse role model to girls.


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