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Too Much Sleep May Be Harmful

Posted on: November 2, 2009

Ever doze off in a meeting or during class? Symptoms of sleep deprivation or sleep drunkenness.

There has been a new study being conducted by doctors on the effects of too much sleep. It has always been stated and known that the effects of too little sleep can be severe, including “traffic accidents, weight gain, decreased productivity and immune protection.”(CNN) But, there has been very little study regarding the habit of oversleeping. With many studies, it is common to see professionals and everyday workers to have only 5 hours or less of sleep during the weekdays and then an exorbitant amount on the weekends. These tend to stretch from nine to thirteen hours or more. When subjects wake up from these long slumbers, they tend to feel extremely drowsy and unable to focus. This is also known as a condition called sleep drunkenness. It occurs when a person is in the state of being awake and also sleeping at the same time. They are unable to make sound decisions and should not anyway. Oversleeping once in awhile isn’t bad, but a recurring habit of it could be chipping away at your life span. According to CNN, “There’s been at least two epidemiological studies to show that if people get less than five hours, or more than 10 hours of sleep, it increases their mortality,” said Michael Breus, the clinical director of the sleep division at Southwest Spine and Sports in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is eye opening and reminds us that we should get about 7-9 hours of sleep every night to perform at our best and think clearly.


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