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‘Terminator’ to have new owner by January

Posted on: November 2, 2009

'Terminator' to have new owner by January

'Terminator' to have new owner by January

There has been an announcement that an auction for the rights to make new “Terminator” movies, likely be done by January.  Representatives for the Halycon Co., whom currently controlling the franchise and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August.  Halycon may choose a potential buyer, then any other buyers trying to buy “Terminator,” would have to outbid the first buyer.  Shultz, the senior managing director said, “the final buyer may not come from Hollywood, but from the world of private equity.  Halycon paid $25 million to buy “Terminator” rights in 2007.  They are now estimated to be worth $60 million.  Whoever buys “Terminator,” has the right to future sequels and income from “Terminator: Salvation.”  The fourth movie in the 25-year old series will be released on DVD in December.  The future buyer has a potential future of grossing money, due to the popularity of the “Terminator” movies and extra items that may be sold.  After this movie goes out to the public and hit theaters, they will be back.


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