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Paparazzi Can’t Stay Away from Michael Jackson’s kids

Posted on: November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's Kids being harassed by paparazzis

Once again, the annoying paparazzi are being a pain to the three adorable children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket. Ever since their father’s tragic death, they have been living with their grandmother, Katherine. A judge said earlier this month that they are coping with the loss of the most important figure in their lives and are getting on with their lives well. Just as the children were living normally again, the paparazzi decided to harass them with constant flashlights. In fact, whenever the children try to go out to have fun as normal children should, they would end up running back into the car. The paparazzi are clearly too stupid to be sensitive of these children’s feelings. While the whole world is hoping and praying that the children are doing well, the paparazzi who only care about money are ruining and damaging their mental states. After what they have done to their father, we would all expect them to feel guilty but no, they decide to ruin the children’s lives as well. They will be punished one day, I am sure.


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