The Pendleton Panther

My Baby Sister

Posted on: November 2, 2009



Sophie Marie Lis

My little sister is almost 17 months old. Her name is Sophie Marie Lis (I named her). My little sister is the youngest in my family. My little sister is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen. She went trick or treating this Halloween and it was her first, she dressed up as a Pumpkin. Unfortunately, she is too young to eat the candy. My little sister is very attached to my mother. The moment my mom leaves the room she breaks down in tears. She is just learning to speak. I think her favorite word would have to be “mommy” she knows how to say hello, bye bye, NO, and please as well as a couple of other simple words. She also loves to say “ball” she’s come with me to the training room a couple of times and she just goes crazy when she sees the medicine and tennis balls lying around. I love her more than anything! This past weekend she took my ipod from the table and I was amazed at how smart she was. She took the headphones to her ears and already knew what they were meant for. I turned on the music and she started dancing to the beat. It was adorable!



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