The Pendleton Panther

Favre = Judas

Posted on: November 2, 2009


Brett Favre was not treated well when he returned to Green Bay

November 1st has been circled on every Green Bay Packers fan calendar since summer. The reason why is because Brett Favre signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings, which is the worst thing he could have done after he left Green Bay. November 1st was the day that Favre would come back to Lambeau Field in Green Bay. After Favre lit up the Packers in Minnesota the Green Bay fans were prepared to let Favre have it. Some people said that Favre would be greeted with open arms but those people were wrong. Before the game even started, Favre was greeted with a whole bunch of boo’s and just a few cheers.  However, Favre went nuts in the first half throwing 3 touchdown passes and finishing the game with 4 touchdown passes. During the game, Packers fans held up signs that said they were broken hearted. Some signs even compared him to Judas because of him being a traitor. Even though the Packers have yet to beat Favre this year, the Packer faithful will never pull for Favre again.


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