The Pendleton Panther

9 year old hockey player

Posted on: October 30, 2009

Oliver Wahlstrom is a nine-year-old forward who plays for  the Portland junior Pirates, a Pee Wee team in Portland, Maine. He was playing in a one on one game against a goalie and he had the puck. He was sliding it back and forth down the floor and when he got close enough he flipped the puck on to the side  and then turned and sinned around. When he was halfway around he threw it and it went right over the goalies glove. After he had done that everyone was amazed. He was being interviewed for weeks by all of the news and the people who wanted to ask him how he had done that amazing trick. All he told them was that he had been practicing that trick in his garage for over a moth and he said: “i’ve practiced that trick for over 60 times.” He also said that he had learned it from a pro hockey player.

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