The Pendleton Panther

Envion Turns Plastic Back Into Oil

Posted on: October 28, 2009

Envion Oil Generator

There is an island building up in the pacific ocean made up of an uncountable plastic bottles.  Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, so all the plastic that has ever been made–excepting the 5 or so percent that has been recycled–still exists somewhere.  The issue centers around the fact that it costs about 100$ per ton of plastic to recycle the products into usable material.  Luckily, the environmentally conscious company Envion is preparing to release their first commercial plastic-to-oil converter.  Thus far, all attempts to separate the different components of plastic back into their original forms have been either very costly or very inefficient, but each Envion unit is now able to process 6,000 tons of plastic annually, at a cost of only 17$ a ton.  In addition, it costs about 10$ to obtain a barrel’s worth of oil from plastic products, white the current cost of oil per barrel is 70$.  Even more exciting is that is the fact that the oil generators are even more cost effective than land fills, which cost around 70$ per ton.  Envion seems to be made out of the right stuff to spread worldwide, promising a much greener tomorrow.


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