The Pendleton Panther

Andre, Are You Kidding Me?

Posted on: October 28, 2009



Some would classify him as the greatest tennis player ever. U.S. Open titles and Wimbledon matches won easily, Andre Agassi seemed to do no wrong in the eyes of the American people. A good lesson to be learned here is that what one appears to feel or the expression one gives off, could be far from how they actually feel or the actions they are taking. Everybody has seen Andre on the court, on the commercials with his wife and kid and some might have even seen him around the IMG campus. As of now, Agassi is the latest athlete/ star to admit using the highly addictive drug, crystal meth. In his newly published book, he reveals he began using crystal meth in 1997 and even went as far to lie to tennis authorities about his usage. Agassi admits to doing wrong and admits he is filled with sorrow and guilt and never meant to hurt those around him. Many would wonder, why come out with this story now and why admit to such a habit that is shunned by many people? Rest assured, Agassi will lose some fans as a result of this but will continue to have supporters as well. Sometimes, who people really are and what their habits may be, is a mystery to all those around them, even those that think they know them better than anyone else.


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