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Saudi Cartoonist Daring to Speak Up

Posted on: October 28, 2009

Hana Hajjar at work

Hana Hajjar, a cartoonist for an English-Language newspaper in Saudi Arabia, has gone against the social norm and has begun criticizing her native country’s social policies.  Hajjar’s cartoons often center around her ideas of gender inequality in her homeland.  Hana Hajjar has said “I think men have put women in an unfavorable position in this part of the world. They’ve put women in an oppressive situation.”  Hajjar also tackles issues of political policy and rites for Palestinians as well as the roles of the sexes.  She is very careful, however, not to push it too far as she as quoted as saying “I like to draw thought-provoking and argument-provoking caricatures. I like to see how much I can push people to think, but am mindful never to cross societal red lines.”  In recent years, Saudi Arabia has made small strides towards gender equality and freedom in general, and with bravery like that of Hana Hajjar, it can be assured that it will continue to progress.


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