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Chinese characters

Posted on: October 26, 2009

oracle bone script

oracle bone script

The chinese is one of the oldest and the most complex cultures. China has been ruled by a lot of different emperors, so they have a lot of different cultures and Chinese characters.  The very first Chinese character is the oracle bone script. It is the words that write on animal bone or turtle shell. And it was used in Bronze Age china.  It is also the oldest member and ancestor of the Chinese family of script. The next character is gold character, which is found on the metal stuff. Then seal script; it comes from the Zhou dynasty. It is also the first text that was written with Chinese brush. We have also standard script written in formal, semi-cursive script written “the world is running” version and cursive script written in a beautiful but sloppy way. Then nowadays there are still different types of writing. One is traditional Chinese character, from the Hanja and the text is more complex. Another one is simplified Chinese character, introduced by People’s Republic of China. It is created by decreasing the number of stoke and simplifying the text. These are the different type of Chinese characters.


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