The Pendleton Panther

Why is Traveling on Tournaments so Difficult?

Posted on: October 23, 2009

Documents Flying Into Flat Screen Computer Monitor

Trying to Catch up at School

Almost everyone at IMG/Pendleton knows what it is like to travel to tournaments.  Sometimes it can just be a couple of days, but why do we find it so difficult?  When we travel to tournaments, we have to make sure that we are fully prepared.  A few days before we leave we have to get the pink slip signed, make sure we have all our equipment, and of course take all of our school work!  Whilst we are at the tournament, we have to try our best to keep up with the school work and play our sports for however many hours a day necessary.  The worst part of tournaments is arriving back at school after the absence.  We realize that we missed a lot of work, and need to work extremely hard to get back on track.  I must admit, even though it is difficult to catch up I can’t complain.  I enjoy competing and we are lucky to be in an environment where we are allowed to take weeks off school to play our sports.


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