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Pilots Fall Asleep And Miss The Airport

Posted on: October 23, 2009

Northwest Jet

Northwest Jet

A Northwest Airline jet carrying 144 passengers cruised 150 miles past its destination at 37,000 ft while on auto-pilot. The flight took off from San Diego and was scheduled to land in Minneapolis. However, it failed to land and all radio contact with air traffic control was lost. Everyone thought the plane had been hijacked and fighter jets were alerted and ready to take action. One of the workers on board, realized the mistake, and was finally able to get through to the pilots over the intercom system. The plane was quickly turned around and landed safely in Minneapolis. An hour later than schedule. Many believe this was all a result of the pilots falling asleep while flying the aircraft. Both pilots, strongly denied this and they got involved in a heated discussion about flying politics and didn’t realize they had missed the landing. Both pilots are suspended by Northwest. On landing the FBI and police went on board to check if all was well as they had feared a hijack and could not believe what had happened. Amazingly none of the passengers had thought anything was wrong and no one was injured!



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