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It’s All Fun and Games in the City of Brotherly Love…Until Someone Gets Hurt

Posted on: October 23, 2009


The City of Brotherly Love

The City of Brotherly Love

When it comes to sports in Philadelphia, regardless of what sport it is, these fans expect the most out of their teams. Fans will “boo” their home team all day when they lose but will applaud, cheer and literally go crazy if they win. This was evident last year when the Phillies clinched the National League title. As soon as the last out was called, the city went in an uproar as the Phillies were now making their first trip to the World Series since 1980. Thousands of fireworks were shot off in all parts of the city, buses and fire trucks were hijacked, cars were flipped over, fires were set, fights began and sadly enough even a few deaths occurred. The riots were unlike anything else in the city at the time. The destruction that had been done to houses, cars and streetlights was somewhat disturbing to watch. That was October 21, 2008, and this is October 21, 2009. A year has gone by, but sure enough Phillies fans are partying out on Broad Street as we have clinched yet another National League title. With another title comes a greater police force. Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore assured everyone before the Phillies clinched that “We’ll be out there…we have our people ready.” I have already read in the local papers about trashcans being thrown, excessive amount of alcohol being passed out, and illegal firecrackers being set off. Fortunately enough, there have been no reported deaths and everything seems to be in control thus far. When the Phillies win their second straight World Series in the next few weeks, nobody can imagine or plan for the acts and commotion that will mostly likely occur.


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