The Pendleton Panther

Coach Vince

Posted on: October 23, 2009

Coach Vince is a nice calm relaxing brother.  He can be some what soft-spoken and easy-going.  He loves to help others and he loves to read as he always has a book in his hand. He is a listener as well as a talker he loves to talk and he can and will talk for hours.  He likes to explain every detail.  He is also about hard work, taking care of business and getting better on and of the court.  But when its time to practice he is a different man. That calm cool relaxing guy goes out the door.  He becomes very intense, powerful and he has a sense of urgency when he is on the court.  He loves the game and you can see it and feel it when he is coaching.  He kind of reminds me of my other coach, coach Brooks, who is a very good coach as well.  Coach Vince can coach all day and night. He is a gym rat and he knows a lot about basketball that it is crazy to me. He is a very great coach and a good guy but if you mess up he will be all over you like a bear.  But yea thats Coach Vince.


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