The Pendleton Panther

Dealing with Problems

Posted on: October 21, 2009



You have it all figured out, everything in place, happiness, then there is a mix up. It all falls, no longer the way you saw it. If its a presentation that you have worked on for months then you have a computer problem. If its your car running right then having an engine problems.  Daily we face problems, that bump in the road. Every time though we get through it, no matter how much we think we aren’t… WE DO!   Life continues, no pausing, no stopping, so you have to keep moving with it. Problems come and go, big or small, they always pass. The way we face the problem is not to get caught on the problem but to keep moving. Face it, jump over it, punch it, – either way – deal with it and continue. That is the way the universe was developed, its the way we should develop to our problems. You are only stronger when you can get through the worst and a have a solution. This allows you to move on, to continue on with life because it is not going to stop for you. 


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