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The 8 place that american should see

Posted on: October 17, 2009

yellow stone park

yellow stone park

Nowadays people are always busy. We should all have a vacation to relax ourselves. The budget travel list 8 places where American cannot miss. I think we should take a few days off and visit these places.  The first place that is recommended is Sear tower. It is the country’s tallest building and ledge at sky deck Chicago. It also includes the transparent observation box that you can see the city from. The second place is Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. The sites where the Civil War bloodiest battle occurred. and the place that Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech, we should go there to remind ourselves the history of our country. The third place is Yellowstone national park. It is the first national park that was built in USA. It has a lot of different kinds of animal and special environment. The forth place is New York harbor, this is where the first immigrants arrived in the United States. The fifth place is Monticello where we fought and declared our freedom. The sixth place is Graceland, this is the place where our superstar, Elvis Presley grew up.  The seventh place is Pearl Harbor, this shows us the history of the United States and how we began the world war two. The last place is Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, a place where our racial equality fighter begins his first speech. These places are not popular travel spots but it is important for us to visit these places because it is our duties as americans to understand the formation of our great and powerful country.


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