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Shortage of shots as more kids die of swine flu

Posted on: October 17, 2009

swine flu vaccine

swine flu vaccine

Even though the swine flu has hung around when many offices expected it to fizzle out, there has been an increasing number of infections this month and unprecedented number of deaths associated with the illness. 11 more children died this past week. But on Friday health officials announced that the supply of vaccines will be delayed, as an increasing number of people are seeing the real threat of the disease and want to get the shot. The H1N1 influenza infections is mysteriously killing more children than another demographic, the CDC said 86 children have died since April and this is not even flu season, most winters the flu kills about 40-50 children during an entire season. “These are very sobering statistics,”  said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s director of immunization and respiratory diseases. Instead of the 40 million doses projected by the end of October, only 28 million to 30 million doses may be available, said Schuchat. They are not expecting widespread availability until the end of the month or until November.


2 Responses to "Shortage of shots as more kids die of swine flu"

It is important to look at the money in this debate as the finance piece directly affects scientific objectivity. And the general public is losing trust in many of our institutions and waking up to the inherent conflict of interest that they fear works against them most of the time.

Flu vaccines and BigPharma are VERY BIG business. Money has become a problem for academic science too, not just in the private research sector such as pharmaceuticals. The problem is systemic. Publish or perish! The constant quest for research dollars in almost all types of academic research science means that researchers must guard their “scientific-turf” lest the funding budget be cut. This destroys true objectivity in a very big way.

Many arguments against vaccination are reasonable and cogent. However, clear expert and non-expert voices opposing vaccination are sorely missing in our media discussion. It’s not because they’re not out there. It’s because major news outlets won’t risk losing advertising dollars from BigPharma. Thimerosal, contaminant viruses and other toxic components of flu vaccines are safe? Who are we kidding?

good work alex. Just took two points off since this article was posted a bit late. a18 = 18/20

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