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Obama’s decision on a Strategy

Posted on: October 17, 2009

The war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan

President Obama is facing a huge amount of pressure to decide what he should do with Afghanistan. The president and his top military national security and foreign policy advisers have formed an intensive strategic review of the status of the military in Afghanistan today. The top U.S. commander is suggesting that 40,000 troops are needed to win this war. This number would help fill in the gaps around Kandahar in the southern part of the country where Taliban forces have combined. However, the administration does not have the same strategy. Joe Biden, the vice president is saying that we should focus on reducing the growing number of al Qaeda rebels. It is for Obama to decide which strategy to choose. This is a huge decision because if he does decides to put in more troops, it does not promise a victory as the insurgents are vicious and are ready to die anytime. Also more American soldiers will die. However, if he decides that the soldiers and troops should leave Afghanistan, terrorist attacks around the world will increase.  Hopefully,  Obams will make a right decision and let us have peace in the world.


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Allie, I’m still waiting for your second article for this week… will you publish it soon?

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