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Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ship

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Royal Caribbean's newest invention Oasis.

Royal Caribbean's newest invention Oasis.

In just a few months the most expensive, and biggest cruise liner in the world will be unveiled. Royal Caribbean, is unveiling the Oasis of the Seas, a $1.4 billion ship which will be open to the public for the first time this December. At 1,184 feet from stem to stern, it is the longest and tallest cruise liner in the world today, not to mention  it is nearly as long as the Empire State building. In order to keep this boat running smoothly, it requires quite a large crew. A crew which consists of roughly 2,160, will give service to approximately 5400 passengers. But this cruise ship is not just set out to break records on how big it is, it also consists of a central park the length of a football field with 12,000 plants and trees; a boardwalk with two rock-climbing walls; an aqua theater with dive performances; two FlowRiders for surfing; a full-service spa and a main theater where the Broadway musical Hairspray will be shown four times a week, 600-plus meter jogging track on deck 3 and the zipline across the boardwalk. However, all this amenities do not come cheap. In order to board this cruise ship, it costs a large sum of 1000 dollars for 7 nights, making it quite a bit more expensive then others cruise ships which run for approximately 490 dollars.  When asked about this magneficiant creation Adam Goldstein, CEO of Royal Caribbean International said “It’s in the DNA of our company, about every 10 years, to take more or less a fresh sheet of paper and create the greatest cruise ship in the world,” and from the sounds of things that is exactly what they did.


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