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Senioritis In October?

Posted on: October 16, 2009



Senioritis in October? I don’t think anyone this early in the year should struggle with senioritis. However, I may assume that those who have already committed to university may struggle to stay motivated to their schoolwork. I am definitely starting to feel the pressure of finding a university/college that will best suit me to go to next year and I stress to do well this year. It’s much harder this year to keep up with all my schoolwork and efficiently since most of my teachers stay true to giving us homework every night. I envy those who know where they will be next year and for the years to come but on the other hand I pride myself on having the motivation to keep my grades high though I am not saying that all of those who have committed or been excepted into various university slack. Senior year is the most important year in high school and I wish everyone the best luck and hope that no one will encounter senioritis whether is may be now or in months to come.


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nice work julia – esp on the siblings. a17 = 20/20

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