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Obsession With Video Games

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Focused whilst playing a video game

Focused whilst playing a video game

Wherever you go in the world, especially western countries we see technology.  Most people have xbox’s, PS3’s, and computers that they use almost everyday.  A large problem that is occurring because of technology, is addiction to video games.  People can spend hour after hour on their xbox or PS3  playing the latest games like Call of Duty or the newest Madden NFL.  With many of the video games today, they can be played online with friends around the world.  Many people are becoming so addicted to games that they are missing school, or spending more time on the computer than the important things that they had planned for the day.  One of the biggest crazes right now is FarmVille.  It is a facebook application/game where people have their own farms.  With around 59million players, quite a few people are obsessed with the game.  Just recently, a girl in high school admitted that she asks to go to the bathroom, runs to her car where her laptop is and jumps on the local Wi-Fi so that she can play the game!  The obsession with video games, is a large problem all over the world which doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


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two good articles natalie.
a17 = 20/20

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