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NFL Week 5 Recap

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Ronnie Brown rushing in for a score against the Jets.

Ronnie Brown running for a TD against the Jets.

Week 5 in the NFL had many very exiting games. One game that seemed to stand out to me the most was when the Jets took on the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. The game was a constant back and fourth battle which came down to the very end. With only six seconds on the game clock, Ronnie Brown rushed in for a game winning TD which helped the Dolphins defeat the Jets 31 to 27.  During the Broncos vs. Patriots game these two teams battled it out for the entire game and then some.  After a tie game at the end of regulation with the score of 17 to 17, these two teams were forced to have a sudden death overtime.  In the overtime the Broncos won the toss and quickly drove the ball down the field, which set up the kicker Matt Prater with a 41 yard field goal to win the game 20 to 17.  This big win brought the Broncos to an impressive record of 5 and 0. In Baltimore, the Ravens and the Bengals had a nail biter of their own. Trailing by 4 with only 22 seconds left on the game clock the Bengals needed a score bad and they needed one quick.  Luckily Carson Palmer was able to hook up with Andre Caldwell for a 20 yard td pass, which brought the score to Ravens 14 Bengals 17.  It is very clear that this past week in the NFL was one which was filled many exiting games which were not decided until the very end.


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nice job spencer
a17 = 20/20

don’t forget about a18 – its due tonight.

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