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Schwarzenegger calls out his wife on legal mistake

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Terminate that callIn California, there was an event that happened involving the Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife.  They both discussed a situation where Maria Shriver was caught talking on her cell phone while operating a motorized vehicle.  This was clearly against the law, and Arnold issued this law a while ago. No person is to talk on their cell phone unless you are using a hands free device.  Now this is a real issue being discussed around the nation.  Even in our state today, there is a rumor that in the next year the State Government will try to pass a bill banning the use of a cell phone while driving.  That’s not the case here as discussed truthfully.  Since July, more than 150,000 citations have been established out by some highway patrolmen alone.  Shriver might have faced fines of up to $93 for the first offense and $201 for the second offense.  So what does the Terminator say to this, ” You Have Been Terminated!!!”  (


1 Response to "Schwarzenegger calls out his wife on legal mistake"

nice job andrew, just a couple of missing details. Captions on your photos. a17 = 18/20

also, you don’t have to include those links unless you’re using them as a citation. But since this is your own words, you don’t have to cite any sources.

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