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Can come out on top

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Here we are, far enough into the year to  still be new but still have experience. The finishing of the first quarter has been a struggle. From school, coaching, and to friends, it all has been an adjustment. I have came to the realization if you stick it and work very hard, that in the end when you think you are about to fail you will come out on top. Its hard because here at IMG you are only on top for a second, then the merry-go-round starts all over again. Back to starting at batting and going for that home run all over again. This is consent no matter how many times you try for that home run, you only get it once or twice. That feeling of a goal in soccer, or the winning point in a match, you have that moment where you could fly. But this only lasts for a second, it passes and you are back to the serve line trying for it again. I think if it was not for those moments we wouldn’t keep trying and pushing yourselves. In this first quarter, we have finally reached that point where we have accomplished what we have been living for.  I hope that everyone has an amazing parents weekend. GOOOD LUCK!  Show those inventors what we have been complaining so much on the phone. That we really can come on top.

Reaching that goal

Reaching that goal


1 Response to "Can come out on top"

great job Carlye, just wondering who the “inventors” are – parents? One detail to fix from now on – align the photos right or left. I’ll show you how in USH.

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