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Bill Gates

Posted on: October 15, 2009

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born in Seattle on October 28, 1955. Bill Gates’s father was a prominent seatle lawyer and his mother was a schoolteacher at the University of Washington. Bill was very smart in school and showed his intelligence in his early years. His parents decided to enroll him into a prestigious private school. Bill always worked with computers at school. Later on in life, Bill went to Harvard University, but he dropped out in 1974 to form Microsoft with Paul Allen. Paul Allen was a friend of Bill since their childhood. They knew eachother in highschool and they worked together on computers. In 1979 Microsoft became Microsoft. Bill Gates became a billionaire at 31 years of age, the youngest person to ever do something like this, also Bill became the wealthiest person in America. In 1994 his mother Mary died of breast cancer. By 1998 Gates and Allen already had sold 570 $ Million worth of microsoft software. Today, Bill Gates is currently the man with all the money. He is married and has kids.


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alson, please get my approval for your articles. Otherwise, they’re fine and you’ve got all the details right.

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